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Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) uses sustainability certifications to highlight products that support Amazon’s commitment to help preserve the natural world.
In order to enroll products in CPF, your products must have an approved third party certification or first-party certification such as Compact by Design or Pre-Owned Certified. The qualifying certifications on offer from Control Union UK are:

  • Global Recycle Standard
  • Recycled Claim Standard
  • Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Organic Content Standard
  • Responsible Wool Standard
  • Fair Trade USA
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • USDA - NOP Organic regulation for USA
  • FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council

Certification training videos

If you are new to textile certifications, please click on the 'Register Here - Training' link on the left to access our library of certification training videos. The videos will cover how to certify products for organic material, recycled content, and/or animal welfare certifications and are intended for selling partners who:

  • Are at the start of considering certification
  • Are unsure of the requirements of the standard you are pursuing
  • Are unsure of the certification process
  • Want to know what's changed since you last got certified

To understand which certification scheme is right for your product, please see the diagram at the bottom of this page.

Getting certified

If you have products ready to claim as certified or are otherwise confident you are ready for your audit for one of the above certifications, please click on the 'Register Here - Certification' link on the left to register your interest and obtain a quote.

Enrolling products in CPF

This section contains instructions on how to enroll textile products in CPF that have one of the below certifications. If your products are certified with any other CPF eligible certification not listed below, please reach out to your certifying body directly to enroll your products in CPF.

  • Global Recycle Standard
  • Recycled Claim Standard
  • Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Organic Content Standard
  • Responsible Wool Standard
In order to qualify for CPF with one of the above certifications: (1) Your product must be made with at least 50% certified materials and (2) Your scope certificate must have your brand’s name on it. If your scope certificate does not have your brand's name on it please reach out to your auditor in order to complete all steps towards brand certification.
Next steps for products that meet the criteria:

  • Click on the 'Register Here - Already Certified' link on the left to register as an Amazon selling partner
  • Upload your product and certification information to the platform
  • Control Union will verify your certification(s) and product(s) within 10 working days of a complete submission, or ask for additional information if needed via the platform
  • Approved products will receive the CPF badge

Expiration dates

Textile certifications are only valid for one year. You will receive a reminder to schedule a re-audit prior to your certification’s expiry date in order to prevent products falling out of CPF. Once a re-audit is complete, you will have 60 days to upload your new certification information to the platform.


Please email:

Which certification is right for my product?

If you are not sure which certification scheme you would like to pursue, this decision tree will help you to understand your options and which is right for you.